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So you think you’re moving to Mokpo – not so fast - With a week of acclimatising under our belts it was off to Mokpo, a small city on the southwest coast of Korea, to start a new chapter. Or so we thought.
Taxi terror - Travelling to Shinyang Park Hotel on a morning like any other, I noticed two disconcerting things about my taxi driver. Her driving, akin to the majority of Korean taxi drivers, was aggressive and forceful. More worrying though was her erratic nature, angry disposition and the fact that she was watching a Korean soap opera while … Continue reading Taxi terror
Working with locals in Korea - A few weeks ago we ventured to the beach for a relaxing day out. To properly soak up the atmosphere and scenery, we decided to go for a walk along the waterfront. A few minutes into our stroll, we came across a group of women on all fours digging and scouring for various types of … Continue reading Working with locals in Korea
Top five moments in Korea so far - We’ve been in Korea for just over a month so we thought it’s about time to share our top moments thus far. Without further adieu, here are our top five moments in the land of kimchi, noraebang (karaoke), and soju, a kind of watered-down vodka everyone drinks like water, some of whom until the verge of … Continue reading Top five moments in Korea so far
Top 5 must-know Korean cultural norms - 1.) Greetings Koreans, particularly men, tend to be vastly more touchy feely than their western counterparts. It could come in many forms, the first of which being what feels like a never-ending handshake.